Country Date Description
Algeria 2022.08.09 Day of Achoura
Argentina 2022.08.15 Gral. Manuel Belgrano death Commemoration(17TH)
Austria 2022.08.15 Assumption of the Virgin Mary
Bahrain 2022.08.07 Ashoora
Bahrain 2022.08.08 Ashoora
Bangladesh 2022.08.09 Ashura (Remembrance of Muharram)
Bangladesh 2022.08.15 National Mourning Day
Bangladesh 2022.08.19 Shuba Janmashtami
Belgium 2022.08.15 Assumpion of the holy Maria
Chile 2022.08.15 Assumption Day
Colombia 2022.08.07 Battle of Boyaca Day
Colombia 2022.08.15 Assumption Day Holiday
Costa Rica 2022.08.02 Our Lady of the Angels Day
Costa Rica 2022.08.15 Mother's Day
Croatia 2022.08.05 Victory& Homelend Thanksgiving day
Croatia 2022.08.15 Assumption of Mary
Cyprus 2022.08.15 Assumption Day
Ecuador 2022.08.12 Independence Day
Estonia 2022.08.20 Independence Restoration Day
France 2022.08.15 Assumption Day
Georgia 2022.08.28 Saint Mary's Day
Greece 2022.08.15 RELIGION HOLIDAY
Hungary 2022.08.20 National Holiday
India 2022.08.15 INDEPENDENCE DAY
Indonesia 2022.08.17 Indonesian Independence Day
Iran 2022.08.07 Religious Holiday
Iran 2022.08.08 Religious Holiday
Iraq 2022.08.06 7th Muharram
Iraq 2022.08.08 Cease Fire Day&10th Muharram
Italy 2022.08.15 Assumption day
Japan 2022.08.11 Mountain Day
Korea 2022.08.15 National Liberation Day
Lebanon 2022.08.08 ACHOURA
Lebanon 2022.08.15 ASSUMPTION DAY
Lithuania 2022.08.15 Assumption Day
Malaysia 2022.08.31 National Day
Morocco 2022.08.14 Oued Ed-Dahab Day
Morocco 2022.08.20 Revolution Day/Fatih Muharram
Morocco 2022.08.21 Youth day
Pakistan 2022.08.08 ASHURA, MOHARRAM
Pakistan 2022.08.09 ASHURA, MOHARRAM
Pakistan 2022.08.14 INDEPENDENCE DAY
Paraguay 2022.08.12 Caacupe Virgin day
Peru 2022.08.30 "Santa Rosa" day's. - Religious holiday
Philippines 2022.08.21 Ninoy Aquino Day
Philippines 2022.08.29 National Heroes Day
Poland 2022.08.15 Assumption Day
Portugal 2022.08.15 Assumption Day
Romania 2022.08.15 Assumption of Mary
Singapore 2022.08.09 National Day
Slovakia 2022.08.29 Slovak National Uprising Anniversary
Slovenia 2022.08.15 Feast of the Assumption
Slovenia 2022.08.17 Unification of Prekmurje Slovenes with the Mother Nation*
Sri Lanka 2022.08.11 Nikini Full Moon Poya Day
Sudan 2022.08.20 Hijri New Year
Switzerland 2022.08.01 National Public Holiday
Thailand 2022.08.12 H.M. Queen Sirikit the Queen Mother's Birthday / Mother's Day
Tunisia 2022.08.13 Women's Day
Turkey 2022.08.30 30th August Victory Day
Ukraine 2022.08.24 Independence Day
United Kingdom 2022.08.29 Summer Bank Holiday
Uruguay 2022.08.25 Declaratoria de la Independencia